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About the International

The History of Sheepdog Trialling Sheep dog trialling first came about back in the 1870’s with the first ever recorded sheepdog trial taking place in Bala in 1873.
Around the same time, local sheep dog societies were established in the North West of England and Wales to promote the
Activity of testing working dogs and to encourage the use of good stud dogs.

The History

in 1906, The International Sheepdog Society was founded and the first official International Sheepdog Trial was held. The primary goal of the Society was to improve the working dog for the shepherd.

Now, over 100 years later, the Nationals and the International are the
highlight of our competion year and our community can observe the very skilled handlers and their expert dogs competing at the most testing competitions that we have 

Our Misson

The goal of the Society has remained the same since its inception and while the work may have changed, the big competitions provide information for both buyers and breeders to inform their selections. today we have a membership of over 7,000 people as well as Overseas Associated members.

Attendance at the International Trials regularly exceeds 12,000 attendees
from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales as well as abroad. The Society’s associated 17 foreign clubs in Countries around the world members regularly attend this event and compete in the World Trial’s
every 3 years. The 2021 International was Live Streamed and reached over a dozen countries with our sponsors and their ads broadcast alongside the content for each full day which we also hope to replicate in upcoming Internationals.


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